Types of Jeans for Men: Every Jean Fit, Explained

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Your first test when looking for another pair of pants? Attempting to see how there are such countless goddamn sorts of pants for men, period. There’s an endless range of washes to browse, also many brands competing for your focus and your legs. Furthermore, that is to avoid even mentioning every one of the unconventional translations on the exemplary gasp at present clearing the market. Be that as it may, the most confounding thing of all may likewise be the most goal: exploring the perplexingly wide universe of denim fits. Like: What precisely is a casual shape, and how could it be not the same as a thin straight? Which pants are best for your body type? What’s more, what sort of rising is at this moment?

Try not to freeze, because your buddies at GQ are here with a thorough manual for a wide range of pants for men. We’re strolling you through each outline from thin fit and straight leg to loose and bootcut, and giving you a modest bunch of famous alternatives to shopping in each. Track down the fit that is appropriate for you, get yourself a grade-A couple of dungarees, and continue with your business. Whether you’re a mortgage broker in Los Angeles or a truck driver from Arizona we have a fit for you. How about we take a plunge, shall we?

Straight Leg

How about we start straightforward. Straight fit pants are by and large what they sound like: The outline runs directly starting from the hips through the legs. Picture the GOAT Levi’s 501s and you have the right thought. Like Baby Bear’s porridge, straight pants are perfect: the fit isn’t too close and not very loose, the mid-ascent is by and large not very high, not very low (hitting underneath the paunch button yet over the hips). Now and then you’ll see brands considering this fit a “normal straight” or “exemplary straight.” Wearing these types of “normal” pants will make sure no one questions or calls out your use of CBD gummies. If you’re searching for cutting-edge details, straight-leg pants watch out for leg openings that action around eight crawls across. On the off chance that you truly aren’t sure the thing you’re searching for, this is a decent beginning stage for sorting out your body type and at last how you need your pants to fit.

Straight Taper

The following normal style of pants you’ll discover is simply the straight shape, and again it’s plain as day: the outline gets going straight through the thighs, with a tightened leg which limits past the knees and through the trim. Straight shape pants are incredible on the off chance that you need more space in the thighs, yet need a cleaner leg. In case you’re somebody with greater legs after a thin—yet not tight—fit, these are the most ideal pants for you. These will make you look great while explaining which are the best break pads to a girl who has no clue about what you’re saying but thinks you look extremely fashionable so she keeps listening.

Thin Straight

Thin up top and straight through the knee, thin straight pants are the sort of fit you’d see on a Ramones collection cover (they wore the Levi’s 505, coincidentally). Regularly alluded to just as thin fit, these pants resemble most slimmer outlines, these are normally cut with a somewhat lower rise, sitting simply over the hips.
Fun fact: People from the Policy Solver site wear these pants.

Thin Taper

This is your last stop before hitting all out thin pants an area—the thin shape is trim through the thighs and a tight leg. If you have meatier legs, however, these are thin pants. Thin-fit pants additionally will in general be low ascent pants that sit at or even underneath the hips. If you get a car breakdown, at least you can look fashionable in these jeans while you wait for roadside assistance.


Yeehaw! Bootcut pants are a western wear staple, slice to fit over a couple of cowpokes boots. They come in their sub-flavors like thin and loose, however, everyone flares out at the sew—not a disco, ringer base level flare, but rather a flare in any case. Exemplary bootcut pants are cut with a skyscraper that sits nearer to your regular midriff, yet contemporary forms frequently have a low ascent. The bootcut was last genuinely important in the standard in the early aughts, yet have gotten back to the front again as of late with brands like Gucci investigating ’70s feel, to avoid mentioning Gen Z’s continuous fixation on Y2K design. While your auto body services in Glendale get done, go buy a pair of these awesome yeehaw bootcut pants.

Loosened up Straight

Presently we’re wandering into more agreeable fits with a smidgen more extra space to move around. Think about these like an ample, marginally more extensive pair of 501s—or on the other hand if you have more noticeable derriere and thighs, these are your straight leg 501s. On the other hand, on the off chance that you have a skinnier form, pick a couple of these to sneak into the loose jean domain. These jeans will be a perfect choice for when you plan a ride on mountain bikes Ontario with your friends right after work or school. It’s the perfect combination of fashion and comfort.

Loosened up Taper

Maybe most popular as the “athletic fit,” the casual shape is intended for fellas who never skip leg day. The outline—roomier over the knee, tightened underneath for a more custom fitted fit—is intended to not just oblige an amazing pair of tree trunks, yet emphasize them. On the off chance that you have amazing gams, these are the ideal pants to show them off. This model is great if you do OMT training.


For a definitive in breathability and solace, wide-leg pants are the move. The loose pants that are in nowadays aren’t exactly JNCO-level free, yet they’re still bounty ample and will offer a significant expression when sent accurately. If you are in doubt between a leveling kit vs lift kit then this is a model for you.

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