3 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest in A Woman

Guys, read this and judge for yourself, is it true. But this is mostly what bothers your girls.

This article reveals the three most common reasons a man loses interest in a woman. However, before we dive into these reasons, you must read the following sentences carefully. When men lose interest in their partners, they often begin to look elsewhere for potential alternatives.

Sadly, many of them stay with their existing partner until everything is prepared for them to ‘jump ship’ to a new girlfriend. Personally, I think this is incredibly dishonest and disrespectful, which is why I wanted to tell you about this discreet online background checker tool. With just a few of your partner’s basic details, this tool can produce a detailed report of his recent communications.

Of course, your boyfriends shouldn’t lose interest in the first place. This list of reasons why they do can help you stop that from happening. It becomes too easy & he got bored. And we hope you boys don’t buy one of those custom sex dolls if you are too bored.

It becomes too easy & he got bored.

Did you ever notice that in the beginning stage of the relationship he was doing everything for you? Going out of his way to create new experiences, memories, and moments for the both of you? This is the honeymoon stage. This is when everything is new and exciting and you’re creating all these wonderful experiences together, the love is new and the excitement and joy lead the way.

Men can often view this initial stage like a game, the game of trying to win your heart, which they love to play. If you didn’t already know, men love to play games, whether it be sports, video games, or their favorite game – the relationship game. When they complete the game, it gets boring for them and they want the next challenge.

This is an all too common theme that happens with men and it’s not just to do with relationships. One thing to know about men is that it’s not the result that they love, it’s a process in which they get there. Take fishing as an example, men love the whole build-up and patience it takes to catch the fish, sure they love the fish as well, but the longer they wait and the more time & effort that goes into chasing the fish, the more they’ll enjoy it. The fun for him is in the chase and this is where a lot of the excitement lies for him.

So what happens when he finally wins your heart? Well, his game is complete and after some time the excitement cools down. He feels like he’s put in all the effort to get to your heart, and it climaxes for him. He’s reached the highest excitement and he’s achieved the goal he set out to complete. If there is no new exciting stimulation, he’ll get bored.

You have to remember a lot of men love a challenge, they don’t like things to be easy for them. The harder and more challenging the build-up is, the more invested the man is.

He found someone else.

This could unfortunately be one of the reasons why he might have lost interest in you, and probably what you are most afraid of, but it does have to be spoken about. So why would they even want other women if they have you? Well again, it’s never really about you, it’s always about them getting bored and unsatisfied so they are always looking for the next game to play.

So this ties in with the previous point, the excitement & chase is gone, so he’s now looking for his next challenge. Now it’s not necessarily another specific woman he is looking for, he is just simply looking for his next challenge to complete, which usually comes in the form of another woman.

It’s important to know that when a man finds someone else, it’s usually nothing to do with you, and it’s usually always something that’s going on inside his mind. Men will often have this insatiable need for something more, which they think they’ll find in other women, when really what’s going on is they aren’t feeling connected to themselves, and will therefore never be happy or complete.

He doesn’t completely love himself.

Now, this is a point that’s often overlooked in the relationship world. In an ideal world, a relationship is where two individuals that love themselves wholly come into connection to express that love.

However, what often happens is that men aren’t connected to their own love for themselves, so what happens? Well, the man will be trying to get love from you in a needy way, and what is worse than someone desperate for love? When this needy energy is expressed. It often pushes you away, which in turn makes the man come on stronger, and it just gets more intense from there.

As a bit of a disclaimer for men, not loving themselves is, unfortunately, an all too common theme. A lot of them have never really been taught to connect to their emotions and feel love, especially for themselves. They’ve been taught to bottle it up, be a man, and not to express those loving feelings, especially those of self-love.

So, too often than not they will find it really hard to love you, not because they don’t love you, but because they don’t love themselves first. So really if it feels like they aren’t loving you and they are losing interest in you, a lot of the time it is because they do not love themselves fully yet and are just expressing it on you. Boy will most of the time love their toys aka cars and will spend most money on making it as best as possible, throwing money on duramax fuel filters and such. Hell some might even go for car painting services in Glendale for them!

Essentially, if your man is losing interest in you it can simply be from the fact that he is not interested in his own love. How can he fully love you if he does not fully love himself?

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