5 Transformative Trips Every Guy Should Take

Most of us use traveling as a way to make memories, try new food, and make our Instagram feeds look cool, but travel can also be a lot deeper than just a vacation. If you choose your destination wisely, and then the voyage itself, the people you meet, the foods you sample, and the experiences you have will mean you’ve arrived in a whole new place—physically, spiritually, and philosophically. You can always go for a ride on mountain bikes Ontario. That is also a good idea, but sometimes men have to do more than expected.

Our purpose here is to squeeze the maximum amount of joy, hilarity, challenge, and accomplishment out of our allotted time. What better way to do that than to travel to places that won’t just be a change of scene but rather provoke a change in you? We’ve accumulated 5 transformative travel experiences that will do just that—maybe it’s time to get lost, and find yourself.

  1. Make Some WineThink you know wine? Wait till you’re standing among the vines at a Russian River Valley winery with a harvesting knife in your hand. Head to the Buena Vista Winery for their Winemaker for a Day experience, where you’ll be able to blend your own bottle of red wine. The property is California’s oldest commercial winery, and you can also try their walk-in bar tastings, a museum tour, and a barrel tasting. Why: Anyone can make beer. You’ll gain a deeper insight into the art and science of what makes a great wine.
  2. Burn Some Rubber – For the truest racetrack experience, skip the supercar challenges that cost thousands of dollars. Instead, hit the Bondurant High Performance Driving School in Phoenix. For groups of 8 or more, you can try the facility’s Pro Kart Racing program, where you’ll race in their go-karts that go up to 50 mph. Still need speed? Try their Dodge/SRT Drag Racing program, where you can drive the world’s only drag racing course that features the 840-horsepower Challenger SRT Demon. Why: Apart from the thrill (and the sweet smell of burning rubber), you’ll learn skills that could make you a safer driver.
  3. Master the Art of Grilling – Steven Raichlen, the of Planet Barbecue teaches a 3-day barbecue course called Barbecue University twice each summer at the five-star Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs. To Raichlen, barbecue is more than just an American obsession with fiery regional rivalries. It’s a global cuisine. And his syllabus reflects that with recipes from Argentine steak houses, Thai street carts, and Korean BBQ joints. This year, the course is heading to the Montage Palmetto Bluff resort in Bluffton, South Carolina, but it’s already sold out. Keep an eye on Raichlen’s website for the next dates. Why: After Barbecue University, everything you cook on the grill—salmon, steak, vegetables, and desserts (like pear and raspberry crumble smoked in a cast-iron skillet)—will taste better.
  4. Track a TuskerThe Chyulu Hills of Kenya – the inspiration for Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa – are where three national parks converge to protect lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalo, and leopards – the big five – and Masai warriors have become its conservationists and guides. Campi ya Kanzi, a Masai-owned lodge here, combines luxury and wilderness. Game runs in open-top jeeps ensure that you see as much wildlife as possible, while daily hikes let you feel the pulse of the land. Why: A safari is a once-in-a-lifetime primal experience that connects you with beautiful, and often endangered, species.
  5. Catch and Grill Trout – Stalking, hooking, cleaning, and cooking your own trout is a rite of passage. The Ranch at Rock Creek, in southwestern Montana, is “A River Runs Through It” country and the place to hone your fly casting. Ride into the Sapphire Mountains, spend the afternoon strategically positioning your fly in the watery path of wild rainbow, brown, bull, and cutthroat trout, and then grill your catch whole over the fire. Why: It’s the Western movie fantasy of horses, fishing, and mountains incarnate. Don’t forget to check your fishing forecast. That way chance of a good catch will be higher.

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